(video)How to make a Basic Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel 2013

In this Microsoft Excel 2013 tutorial I show you how to make a basic Gantt Chart. This is a basic Gantt Chart that shows the time frame of a project and the time frame of the individual task that are to be performed. This Gantt Chart is basic so it doesn’t show the progress of the project.Hope you like it.

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    you saved my life, every gantt chart software out there is a freakshow of sophistication, not the kind of thing a noob could comprehend. Heck, I’ve been scared of ms excel all my life, i couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. but you not only helped me make my first excel document ever (much of my fear is gone now!), you also helped me get done the gantt chart in time. my degree depends on the documentation i’m working on right now, could never have done this without you, i cannot thank you enough for taking out the time and effort to make such a detailed, short (everything in just 8 minutes!) and to the point tutorial. thank you.

    Marry5年前 (2018-08-22)Reply

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